The following testimonials describe how SCORE counselors assisted clients to achieve success in their ventures. 

“When I invented Snuggwugg® I had a lot of questions and SCORE Las Vegas was incredibly helpful. One of my mentors Maurice Strozza is now passed. I miss him so much. I was featured on local news stations directly because of his efforts.   Olav Vangstad is another amazing SCORE Las Vegas mentor.  Snuggwugg® has been named in BuzzFeed as one of the Coolest Parenting Products and been featured on ABC, Fox News, Steve Harvey and more.  The product is sold in the US and internationally both online and in stores.  I’m sure I will be utilizing the services offered at  SCORE for years to come. “

Lisa Cash Hanson Snuggwugg®, CEO,  www.Snuggwugg.com

I founded my company VapeSling LLC with no prior business skills. I jumped in but was scared to death. My wife suggested SCORE. I had no idea there was such a great resource available to new and existing small business owners. I have attended several live seminars which have been gold for us. There are also completely free of charge webinars which are the backbone VSLLC executive training. In both the live seminars and webinars experienced business people advise small businesses on the real deal to get ahead in today’s business. For example, SCORE has held several very informative sessions on Social Media. My business has excelled 100 times thanks to SCORE and the individuals that work with SCORE.

Juan Gonzalez | VapeSling LLC, http://vapesling.com/contact-vapesling-com

” I originally scheduled an appointment with SCORE to have my business plan reviewed before I submitted it for funding. I had no idea just how much I would benefit beyond my expectations. What I received was a treasure chest of resources, guidance, referrals, and insights, all via my SCORE Certified Business Mentor. I could not have achieved the same level of preparedness and professionalism without her, she gave me all the time and help I needed and was always patient and focused.”

Karyne Cutler, Best In Show Dog Grooming, http://www.bestinshowlv.com/

For 9 years I have been struggling to launch my membership business website. Recently, I met with SCORE Las Vegas mentors and could not believe the help these experienced professionals provided. My mentor Michael Luckman, encouraged me to apply for the SCORE Institute for Entrepreneurs Program (SIE). The SIE program under the leadership of Pamela Joy Ring meets every week. I cannot describe the amount of effective knowledge I have gained that applies specifically to my small business venture from Pamela, Michael and other Score mentors. I am positive, I will launch my business soon due to the training and encouragement from all the mentors at Score Las Vegas.

Susan Sawka, Midas Media, LLC

“When I first started my company Organizational Elements, LLC I went to SCORE for mentoring. When I left my first meeting I had gained the clarity I needed to propel my business to new heights. My mentors’ perspective and experience is exactly what I needed.”

Amber De La Garza. TheProductivitySpecialist.com

“I recommended Score to a friend as I thought that it would be good for her to be able to talk to a mentor about opening a small business. She was given great advice and new hope to persevere professionally.”