When Will Dameron was in high school, he took as many woodshop classes as he was allowed. In fact, in his senior year, he spent greater than half of his school day in woodshop. After high school and through college, he renovated turn-of-the-century homes and built custom furniture in his basement. In his early twenties, he discovered a community woodshop in Pittsburgh where he built several projects, even a kayak. Inspired to open his own and after years of saving and planning, Will opened a community woodshop in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the public has access to professional woodworking tools and equipment through a variety of membership options, much like a fitness gym.

The Community Tool Chest has been open for nearly seven months and its membership is quickly growing in size and enthusiasm. Will finds great satisfaction in sharing the love of woodworking with experienced and inexperienced woodworkers alike. Members of the woodshop have made a variety of projects, some of which include: dining room tables, entertainment centers, bookcases, boxes, lamps, skis, and more!

How SCORE helped. 

Thanks to the guidance and advice from SCORE volunteers, The Community Tool Chest was able to establish a social media presence, complete a business plan, and navigate the complicated waters of starting and operating a small business in Southern Nevada.

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