Group of people having open discussion SCORE offers the business and non-profit communities a variety of speakers to address business-related topics.

The Chapter has a variety of presentations including “How to really Start your Own Business”, “Marketing & Sales for Small Business”, “Financing Your Business” and “What SCORE and the SBA can do for You” among many others. The sponsoring organization can select the titles of interest. Presentations can be scheduled in a timely manner for a reasonable fee depending on the audience size and handout requirements.

For organizations with special requirements, SCORE will develop custom presentations which can be proprietary in nature. Cost and development time will be discussed at the time of engagement.

SCORE is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit and provides underserved individuals in the Las Vegas area with free training in addition to free consultations. For governmental units, startup organizations, local non-profits and service clubs, the Speakers Bureau provides the full range of presentations without charge and has been doing so since the founding of Score Las Vegas Chapter 243 in 1976.

Please contact the Manager of the Speakers Bureau at 702-388-6104 or by emailing  A talented group of experienced presenters will welcome your inquiry.