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The Action Plan for Salon, Spa and Barber Services

Salons, spas and barbers have struggled to keep their businesses afloat due to COVID-19. Read these steps on how to save your business. Read more


Construction Licensing: Is There an Easy Way?

November 5, 2019,

Contractors face challenging licensing requirements. Each state handles contractor licensing differently, and the application process is rigorous.


Health and Beauty: The Old-Fashioned Way to Attracting Customers

While social media and online ads will be the primary marketing tools for most health and beauty businesses, don’t give up on the traditional marketing methods. Read more


How to Buy Handyman Insurance

July 31, 2019

Whether you’re just starting or have been a handyman for decades, you probably also deal with invoices, expenses, regulations and more. What about insurance?


SCORE Client Attracts Customers and Repels Bugs

June 28, 2019,

Learn how new business Nantucket Spider grew in just 4 years to a dozen-plus products distributed in 600+ stores and online.


This Trainer is Fit for Business

June 27, 2019,

SCORE client Xavier Ramirez opened UR Fit Wellness Center to enhance the overall health and wellness of his clients as they transform their bodies.


What You Need to Know to Start a Service-Based Business

May 28, 2019,

If you have a skill you’re ready to sell, start a service business. Read these tips to start your entrepreneurial journey on the right track.


Should I Trade My Services for Equity in a Startup?

May 23, 2019,

Before deciding to trade your service fees for equity (and become a part-owner) in a customer’s business, explore these seven issues.