Marketing Using Technology Panel, Get Your Questions Answered October 8, 2022, 10:00am PDT October 8, 2022, 11:30am PDT
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In today’s world, marketing, and technology work hand in hand. Finding your customer target, identifying how, when and with what format to reach your customers with relevant communication strategies, and measuring impact are just a few of the ways marketing supported by available technologies can help a small business be successful. During this 90-minute panel, SCORE Las Vegas experts will be available to answer your questions about using technology to identify your bullseye customer target, optimize your website effectiveness, learn where to focus your social media presence for your target market, evaluate success of your marketing efforts and other areas. Our expert panel facilitated by SCORE Mentor Lori Karbel, will answer your questions, and provide insights as to how a small business marketing activities can be most effective, efficient, and impactful through technology available to everyone today. Join us with your questions so our experts can share insights and we can all learn together.

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Marketing Using Technology Panel, Get Your Questions Answered