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Personal Financial Statement Template

Personal Financial Statement Template

Has a lender or investor asked you for a personal financial statement? Use this free, downloadable template to document your assets, liabilities and net worth. Read more

43% of small business owners support a minimum wage increase

Hike the Minimum Wage or Keep It As-Is? Small Business Owners Weigh in on the Debate

December 26, 2019,

SCORE and OnDeck surveyed small business owners about the minimum wage increases. The results appear in our latest infographic.

Rating Customer Service as Excellent

Keys to Providing a Great Customer Experience

December 23, 2019,

Rieva Lesonsky asked business leaders their insights about how small businesses can meet and beat customer expectations.

Business Manager Choosing Logistic Options

Buy or Sell Overseas? The Incoterms® Rules are Changing

December 20, 2019,

Incoterms are a voluntary set of contract terms that can be used by organizations for the sale of goods both internationally and domestically. Learn more.

break-even point

Break-Even Analysis Template

When will your new business start making a profit? Find out by using this free, downloadable template to do a break-even analysis. Read more

Business Partnership Handshake

Collaborate to Grow: New Research Reveals the Power of Partners

December 19, 2019,

GS1 US, a not for-profit product identification and standards organization examined how small brands can successfully navigate multi-channel retail.

restaurant customers complaining to a waitress

The Best Solutions for Handling Customer Complaints

December 18, 2019,

Here are some tips to help you handle customer complaints. Hopefully, they can help you resolve an issue that leaves both you and the customer happy.

female employee in manufacturing plant

How to Attract Employees to Your Manufacturing Business

December 17, 2019,

The manufacturing industry certainly is not dead. The jobs are here. It’s the employees who’ve moved on to greener pastures.

SEO and SEM on keyboard

How SEO and SEM Can Put Your Business on the Digital Map

December 12, 2019,

SEO and SEM are two important components of a digital marketing strategy. Learn how search engine marketing and optimization can improve your business.

Infographic: How Do Small Business Owners Feel About Minimum Wage Increases?

Infographic: How Do Small Business Owners Feel About Minimum Wage Increases?

SCORE and OnDeck surveyed small business owners across America on their thoughts about minimum wage changes. Read more

Mergers and acquisitions chess pieces

Merger and Acquisition 101: What Small Business Owners Need to Know

December 11, 2019,

Mergers and acquisitions is an umbrella term that covers quite a lot—from corporate sales and purchases to consolidations and mergers.

piggybank with wings

Are Angel Investors Right for Your Business?

Angels are often confused with venture capitalists. They both invest in businesses with high-growth potential, the paths they take to get there are different. Read more