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COVID-19: Lecciones de negocios aprendidas

August 17, 2020

El mentor de SCORE Hal Shelton creó esta lista de lecciones aprendidas cuando asesoraba a clientes durante la pandemia de COVID-19.


Consejos para poner en orden su casa financiera

August 15, 2020

A continuación, le ofrecemos algunas sugerencias sobre lo que puede hacer ahora durante la crisis del coronavirus que le ayudarán a garantizar que su empresa tenga un futuro financiero más prometedor.

Hispanic small business owner finding success

10 Essential Sites for Hispanic Business Owners

August 14, 2020,

Ten resources that advance, promote, support, and help Hispanic businesses to grow and thrive.

small business customer service representative

13 Customer Service Ideas to Improve Your Customer Experience

August 13, 2020,

We asked 13 thought leaders to share how businesses can improve their customer service and brand experience.

Five tips to help small business owners juggle priorities while working from home

Tips for Juggling Priorities Without Dropping the Ball During the Coronavirus Pandemic

August 12, 2020,

Read these five tips to help small business owners prioritize their to-do list while at home during the Covid-19 crisis.

Small business owners empty retirement fund during pandemic

The Impact of COVID-19 On Retirement Accounts

August 11, 2020,

As an alternative to loans, small business owners withdraw money from their savings to survive the Covid-19 pandemic.


El marketing en tiempos difíciles

August 10, 2020

Durante la crisis del coronavirus, si su negocio está abierto, aunque con una capacidad disminuida, o temporalmente cerrado, tiene que permanecer conectado con sus clientes.

Here are ten benefits of increasing diversity in your small business

10 Business Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace

August 6, 2020,

10 thought leaders talk about the benefits they see at their companies as a result of diversity within the workplace. How can you incorporate diversity into your organization?


10 Ways to Promote Innovation in A Team Environment

July 30, 2020,

We asked ten thought leaders to share their favorite ways to promote innovation in a team environment and find those exciting ideas.


Is Your Technology Keeping Your Business From Succeeding?

July 28, 2020,

COVID-19 forced many small businesses into virtual companies, but are employers supporting workers through the technological shift?

disinfecting daycare

How to Reopen Your Childcare Business or Day Camp After the Coronavirus Shutdown—and Stay Open

Use this checklist to reopen your childcare business or day camp—and stay open—while keeping yourself, the children and their families safe from COVID-19. Read more

manicure nail salon wearing masks

How to Reopen Your Salon, Spa or Gym After the Coronavirus Shutdown—and Stay Open

Are you reopening your spa, salon or gym after COVID-19 closures? Use this checklist to reopen your business—and stay open—while keeping yourself, employees and clients safe. Read more