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a black woman and a white woman shaking hands

Why You Need an Operating Agreement: 8 Operating Agreement Tips

April 15, 2021,

Learn why these eight business owners and entrepreneurs stress the importance of operating agreements and tips to help you complete yours. 

volunteering infographic

Volunteering: Helping Us All Move Forward

Volunteering has a positive impact on the U.S. economy as a whole and small business recovery. See the rewards that you can receive from volunteering according to statistics... Read more

group of multiracial volunteers in huddle wearing blue shirts

Social Responsibility for Small Businesses: How to Give Back Without Breaking the Bank

April 14, 2021,

If there’s a cause to support in your community, you don’t have to wait for a big company to lend big donations. As a small business, you can also participate in giving back and make a meaningful change.

black woman and white man wearing face masks and working through a plastic divider

The Changing Workplace

April 13, 2021,

Examine five trends that are changing the workplace small business owners should be aware of.

DeLisa Clift headshot and quote

Volunteer Spotlight: Mentor, DeLisa Clift

April 12, 2021,

DeLisa is a mentor at the SCORE Savannah Chapter. She works with small business owners and entrepreneurs to build and grow their small businesses by drawing on her own experience.

two business partners in a warehouse looking at a laptop on a stack of cardboard boxes

How to Structure Your Business: 9 Tips For Structuring New Businesses

April 8, 2021,

From determining your level of involvement to adopting innovative business structures, here are nine tips for developing a new small business structure.

woman typing on laptop keyboard

How to Build and Expand Your Online Presence

April 6, 2021,

Use these seven tips to improve your SEO ranking and expand your small business' reach.

picture of Julie Brander with a quote from the blog

Volunteer Spotlight: Local Presenter, Julie Brander

April 5, 2021,

For National Volunteer Month, we're highlighting the work that SCORE volunteers do. Learn more about one of our local presenters in Las Vegas, Julie Brander.

corner of workers compensation insurance form

Why Small Businesses Should Consider Workers’ Comp Insurance

April 5, 2021

Use these tips to determine if your small business needs workers' compensation insurance.

two small business owners standing in their shop wearing aprons

10 Tips for Starting a Small Business

April 1, 2021,

Here are several tips from experts on how to start your own small business.

young asian woman laughing with coworker while wearing yellow reflective work vest

How to Manage Reputation and Competitive Risk

March 31, 2021

Protect your small business from harm to your reputation, competitors, and unhappy customers.

black business woman holding flowers and smiling

How Black Female Entrepreneurs Can Achieve Startup Success in 2021

March 30, 2021,

Black women business owners can find success by defining their MVP, being creative with capital, and drawing on community support.