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worker at spa

Health and Beauty: The Old-Fashioned Way to Attracting Customers

While social media and online ads will be the primary marketing tools for most health and beauty businesses, don’t give up on the traditional marketing methods. Read more

healthcare data security

Data Security Tips for Small Healthcare Businesses and Organizations

August 22, 2019,

The healthcare industry is an industry most targeted by hackers. How can your healthcare business adopt stronger data security and protection practices?

business woman hands cash to man

The 411 on Factor Rate

August 21, 2019,

Factor-rate loans are an option for repaying short-term business loans, but is it right for your company? What are factor rates and how are they calculated?

business people in meeting at a table

8 Top Tips for Millennials Who Want to Start a Business

August 20, 2019,

Millennials are starting their own businesses for many reasons: they want to be their own boss, pursue passions, or don’t want to be part of corporate America.

Does Your Small Business Need an App?

Does Your Small Business Need an App?

August 15, 2019,

Before developing an app for your small business, you’ll want to ask yourself a few questions first. Apps are powerful, but they’re not for everybody.

man working from home

Are Remote Employees Right for Your Business?

August 14, 2019,

One of the biggest recent changes to business is the ability for employees to clock in from anywhere around the world, but is it right for your small business?

man looking over woman's shoulder

Are You a Micromanager?

August 13, 2019,

Micromanaging your employees is a common problem among small business owners. But did you know micromanaging is hurting your business?

word of mouth marketing

How Your Nonprofit Will Benefit from Word of Mouth Marketing

August 8, 2019,

Learn to leverage word of mouth marketing for your nonprofit and you’ll bring in more donations and inspire more volunteers.

How Collaboration Tools Can Help Your Small Business Grow

How Collaboration Tools Can Help Your Small Business Grow

August 7, 2019,

Our infographic, “Online Collaboration Tools for Your Small Business,” examines how collaborative communication tools can boost your small business bottom line.

woman talking with boy in wheelchair

How to Buy a Business in the Healthcare Industry

August 7, 2019,

The healthcare industry continues to develop into one of the fastest-growing industries in America, making it an intriguing industry for many entrepreneurs.

referee blowing penalty whistle

How to Protect Your Small Business Website Against Google Penalties

August 6, 2019,

Google penalties can ruin a business that relies on online ads or traffic. Learn what gets Google’s negative attention and how you can avoid these penalties.