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hand holding phone with coupon code

How to Set Up Groupon Offers for Your Small Business

October 9, 2019,

Coupons are a powerful way to bring in new customers, especially through a service like Groupon. But small businesses must use Groupon with caution. Read why.

definition of risk

Is Your Business at Risk?

October 8, 2019,

Protecting the business you have worked so hard to build is essential. Here are seven ways you can do that.

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Balancing Nonprofits and Paid Employees

The key difference between a nonprofit and a for-profit is that with a nonprofit, no proceeds generated by the organization benefit any individual. Read more

cash is king

Cash is King: Cash Management Best Practices

October 3, 2019,

Small businesses should be managed with a focus on cash flow, not income or other financial measures. SCORE mentor Hal Shelton answers cash management questions.

volunteers at a food bank

Charitable Solicitation Registration: A Key Element of Nonprofit Compliance and Fundraising Success

October 2, 2019,

Here are a few basics on the fundraising registration process and related benefits for your charity to get you started on the path to compliance.

The Megaphone of Main Street: Startups Infographic #2 - Finding Financing

The Megaphone of Main Street: Startups Infographic #2 - Finding Financing

SCORE’s latest Megaphone of Main Street infographic examines how entrepreneurs finance operations in their first year of business. Read more

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Is Your Business Financially Healthy?

You don’t need to become a licensed accountant to make your small business successful, but here are some financial metrics you should have a handle on. Read more

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5 Accounting Tips That Can Save You Money

September 26, 2019,

Read these 5 accounting tips that can save you money and help your small business running smoothly.

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Pros and Cons of Forming a Series LLC for Real Estate Investments

September 25, 2019,

Forming a series LLC can keep costs in check and minimize legal risks for real estate investors who own multiple properties.


How to Create Great Web Content

What kind of content on your website will attract more customers? Remember your reader, catch their interest and make the content useful. Learn more. Read more


4 Tips for Adding a Partner to Your Business

September 19, 2019,

Depending on how you incorporated your business, entrepreneurs will need to conduct a bit of due diligence in order to properly bring on a business partner.