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Applying for a Business Loan Is Changing Due to COVID-19: Here’s What It Means

March 24, 2020

As the coronavirus ravages businesses, small business lenders are re-evaluating their underwriting policies. Here’s what every business owner needs to know.

women entrepreneurs look at tablet

The State of Women Entrepreneurs

March 24, 2020,

How are women business owners faring these days? Read Rieva’s blog on the latest research about women entrepreneurs around the world.

carrying heavy debt

How to Deduct Bad Debt

If you mistakenly forgot to deduct a bad debt on your tax return in the year it became worthless, you can file a claim for a credit or refund. Read more

man working from home

The Pros and Cons of a Remote Workforce

March 23, 2020,

One of the biggest recent changes to business is the ability for employees to clock in from anywhere around the world, but is it right for your small business?

relaxed businesswoman mindfulness

5 Ways to Bring Mindful Leadership to the Workplace

March 20, 2020,

Mindful leadership not only benefits you, but the people you manage, too. When you’re calmer and tuned in, you’re able to better lead the people around you.

coworking space

Dos and Don’ts for Working Out of a Coworking Space

March 19, 2020,

As more people swap traditional office spaces for the convenience of coworking, it’s critical that they still practice proper workplace etiquette.

Person hacking a computer using Stalkerware

What You Need to Know About Stalkerware

March 18, 2020

Stalkerware, the use of monitoring software for stalking, represents an intrusion into your privacy and possible security concern for companies and customers.

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The Coronavirus Economic Impact: Will Business Interruption Insurance Help (& What Are My Other Options)?

March 17, 2020,

The coronavirus outbreak will create serious financial hardship for small business owners. Here are some resources to help you keep your small business afloat.

millennial business partners

Does Your Business Structure Affect Your Ability to Attract Investors?

March 17, 2020,

Did you know that the business structure you choose for your small business may make it difficult for you to secure funding to start or grow your company?

tax deduction

The 10 Most Common Tax Deductions Small Businesses Might Miss

Make sure you’re not missing out on the 10 most common tax deductions that small businesses often overlook. Read more

Infographic: Tax Reform’s Impact on Small Businesses

Infographic: Tax Reform’s Impact on Small Businesses

Our latest infographic highlights the challenges of preparing taxes and the impact of recent tax reform on small businesses. Read more

Cornonavirus Sign!

How Small Businesses Can Prepare for the Coronavirus

March 10, 2020,

Do you know how to prepare your small business from COVID-19 (coronavirus), the flu or any pandemic? Read these tips to plan and stay calm.