Owning a business is both exciting and intimidating.

With SCORE, you have lots of support. Browse these tools and find resources to help you make decisions on starting or growing your enterprise. Your SCORE mentor can assist in putting your ideas into action.

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Ultimate Business Planner® 5.0

Need to write a business plan and don’t know where to start? Read more

SCORE Las Vegas Local Resources

SCORE Las Vegas Local Resources

The following links provide access to helpful software and information regarding legal entities, statues, business income taxes, licenses, permits, ordinances, regulations and othe Read more

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4 Tips for Adding a Partner to Your Business

September 19, 2019,

Depending on how you incorporated your business, entrepreneurs will need to conduct a bit of due diligence in order to properly bring on a business partner.

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The Pros & Cons of a Business Line of Credit

September 18, 2019,

Business lines of credit are a successful financial product because they can provide valuable assets to a growing company like yours.

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Why Every Startup Needs a Business Concept Statement

September 17, 2019,

A Business Concept Statement is a short-form document that can help you crystallize your business idea and seek out partners, advisors and investors.

What Drives People to Start Their Businesses?

What Drives People to Start Their Businesses?

September 12, 2019,

SCORE’s latest infographic, part 1 of The Megaphone of Mainstreet Startups data report, explores how small businesses fared in their first year.

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The Future of American Business: Benefit Corporations?

September 11, 2019,

Distinct from non-profits, benefit corporations are for-profit companies with a socially-beneficial purpose. Learn more on this new hybrid.

The Megaphone of Main Street: Startups, Infographic #1: Finding Your Way, Finding Customers

The Megaphone of Main Street: Startups Infographic #1: Finding Your Way, Finding Customers

SCORE’s latest infographic examines how startups begin and how entrepreneurs find support in the first year of business. Read more

How Women Entrepreneurs Can Win Federal Contracts

How Women Entrepreneurs Can Win Federal Contracts

September 10, 2019,

The federal government sets aside a certain percentage of contracts for Women Owned Small Businesses (WOSBs) in areas where WOSBs have been under-represented.

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Disaster Recovery and Preparation Resources for Small Businesses

September 5, 2019,

At SCORE, we know that access to the resources businesses need when facing unforeseen circumstances is essential for survival.