Owning a business is both exciting and intimidating.

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Ultimate Business Planner® 5.0

Need to write a business plan and don’t know where to start? “Ultimate Business Planner” is a Windows based software tool that significantly eases the burden of writing a formal... Read more


SCORE Las Vegas Local Resources

The following links provide access to helpful software and information regarding legal entities, statues, business income taxes, licenses, permits, ordinances, regulations and... Read more



SCORE provides expert guidance and assistance to thousands of start-up and existing businesses, just like you. Our goal is for you to receive the help you seek and be successful... Read more

Here are ten benefits of increasing diversity in your small business

10 Business Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace

August 6, 2020,

10 thought leaders talk about the benefits they see at their companies as a result of diversity within the workplace. How can you incorporate diversity into your organization?


10 Ways to Promote Innovation in A Team Environment

July 30, 2020,

We asked ten thought leaders to share their favorite ways to promote innovation in a team environment and find those exciting ideas.


Is Your Technology Keeping Your Business From Succeeding?

July 28, 2020,

COVID-19 forced many small businesses into virtual companies, but are employers supporting workers through the technological shift?


9 Examples of Ethical Leadership in the Workplace

July 23, 2020,

We asked nine thought leaders to share examples of ethical leadership in the workplace to help you improve your role as a leader.


Infographic: The Impact of COVID-19 on Established Businesses - June 2020

In June 2020, SCORE surveyed business owners who have been in operation for at least a year about the effects of covid-19 on their businesses. Read more


When is Your Business Ready to Reopen After the Covid Shutdown and How Can You Reopen Safely?

July 21, 2020,

Helping your business survive and keeping your employees safe in these unpredictable times will require a great deal of strategic planning.


Top 15 Tools to Manage Remote Employees

July 16, 2020,

We asked 15 small business leaders, “What is your top tool that you use to effectively manage remote employees?”


How to Secure Your eCommerce Business Against Cyberattacks in 2020

July 14, 2020,

No matter how big or small a business may be, there is always a risk of data breaches. Here are essential precautions every business owner should take.


What’s Ahead for B2B Marketing

July 14, 2020,

It’s been a tough year for many small businesses due to the impact of the coronavirus, but how have B2B companies fared so far in 2020—and what lies ahead for them?